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"I am inspired by colors, feeling, and touching the materials. It opens something within me, and that is when I create something from nothing.


Roberto Carlos Sosa is a visual artist from Durango, Mexico. He graduated from Juarez University with a degree in art. Having taken private classes with an influential teacher at the age of 20, Rober began taking a genuine interest in art after learning how to work with acrylic - which was to become one of his favorite techniques.

Rober tries to find himself anew in his art at this point in his life since words had eluded him as a means of expression. In front of a blank canvas, he embraces the excitement of taking any direction. As a result of his professional academic training, Rober's style had been very technical and figurative, which provided the basis for creating any type or style of art.


Rober does not limit himself. He comments: "I like everything in art. I do not want to limit myself. I want to experience everything. Combine things and ideas. Styles, techniques, and discourses. I'm enjoying a stage of artistic discovery."

"Your style is unique enough to be exciting, and common enough for everyone to like."

Thomas Murray Jr.

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