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Rober starts from the dot, where he has a conversation with the canvas, the pencil, the paint, and with himself starting with the point, giving Rober a new beginning in his life and allowing himself to create his unique style of art, with the intent of having a respected and well-known space in the art world. The exhibition “Beginning” is a vibrant, emotional, and colorful illustration of Rober’s return to the canvas after years of promoting cultural events in Durango, Mexico. 

For most of his career, Rober's style was very technical and academic. These skills have given him a solid foundation to create any style of art. In this exhibition, we will be able to see a completely different Rober, an artist who begins to create his unique style, technique, and discourse.



Point to Line.


The Point

"Minimum unit of graphic expression and origin of all forms. Its definition, from a geometric point of view, is the place where two lines intersect and it lacks dimension, it only marks a position in space".

Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante

The Line

“Dynamic trajectory of a point. It arises from movement, tension, and direction. The stroke is the most expressive line. It can also have contour, color, and texture. It is an element that represents shapes and configures surfaces: patterns, chiaroscuro...”

Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante

Rober’s exhibition “Beginning” consists of dots, lines, colors, and free composition as you can see. His expression of the abstract is without limits. This freestyle approach gives rise to a peculiar way of seeing the abstract. He says: “I like everything in art. I want to experience everything, combine things and ideas, styles, techniques, and discourses. I am enjoying this artistic discovery stage a lot”. Rober gives a title to each of his pieces to give the viewer an introduction and opportunity for interaction and interpretation.

This diverse exhibition expresses Rober’s skills in creating different art styles. For example, The Creation and The Blue Whale are vibrant and full of color and light. However, the portrait names Trotsky is a bit more chaotic yet full of expression and feeling. He painted The Threshold, The Walker, and the Fisherman during a time of grief following the death of a beloved family member.   



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