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"Painting is an adventure for me. I never know where the colors will take me."

Roberto Carlos Sosa is a talented contemporary artist that has quickly become one of the names on many collectors' lips. His artwork is displayed throughout Mexico and internationally. Rober is passionate not only about creating, exhibiting, and selling his multilayered & textured artwork but also about giving back to the community. He participates in several charitable projects, especially for children.

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Rober starts from the point where he has a conversation with the canvas, the pencil, the paint, and himself, giving position in space and allowing for the artist's creativity. In the exhibition "Beginning," Rober tries to find himself since, in his own words, he had abandoned him, as well as that first point on a blank canvas, where he can take any direction.

His canvases show complexity in geometric figures and shapes between color tones. With diverse points of view of the objects, Rober tells us his stories with expressive language.

Rober Sosa Art work
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